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Heavy Duty Waterproofing Systems

We specialise in various types of waterproofing systems for flat concrete roofs / under tile waterproofing / tanking.

Torch on systems
Elastomeric modified bitumen membranes with polyester carrier, flame torched onto flat concrete roofs and terraces. Torch on systems are also ideal for tanking of retainer walls.

Cement based waterproofing: CEMEX
Cement based waterproofing systems (CEMEX) are based on a latex/ cement compound saturated into special polyester membrane.
Ideal for under tile waterproofing ( tiles can be glued directly onto waterproofing surface).
CEMEX systems can also be used for tanking , especially in damp conditions.

Waterproofing systems supplied by GERMAN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY:

UNIFLEX (double reinforced torch on system)

THERMOFLEX dual reinforced torch on systems


ABE INDEX (mineral slate chipped torch on systems)

Acrylic & polyurethane waterproofing systems

CEMEX (latex/ cement based waterproofing systems)